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Celebrating 20 Years ~ Single Source Proteins that will drive your pets "Wild".

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What is WildSide Salmon?

WildSideSalmon - It’s quite simple actually… 100% RAW Wild Alaskan Salmon, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that animals crave for good health and development. That’s it, nothing more. 

We’ve removed the bones to cut down on the ”ASH” content for kitties and use only 100% Wild Salmon to insure quality for all. The treats are exactly the same for Dogs & Cats. Only the labels have been changed to protect your animals self esteem! We Freeze Dry the salmon and package it in metalized pouches to make it shelf stable for years WITHOUT preservatives. The Freeze dried Salmon treats are available in two sizes, Training & Jumbo!

Our Wild Salmon Oil is also an all natural combination of Wild Salmon oil and extract of Rosemary ( used as an anti oxidizing agent )

For their health, safety and convenience, all of our treats are Freeze Dried and packaged in a quality food processing facility in the USA, not a pet food plant or rendering facility.

For their health and safety, all of our treats are processed in accordance with HAACP regulations and contain only 100% quality ingredients. We have processing facilities in Seattle and Portland USA as well as New Zealand. Each processing location is chosen to maximize freshness, processing techniques and nutritional value to insure that you get the best quality treats available anywhere on Earth.

Our policy has always been to provide your pooch and pussycat with the healthiest and most nutritious treats, with one added bonus. They must be taste tested to drive our canines and felines Wild!

While others mix their proteins with grains, fillers and chemical additives, or use Genetically Engineered farm raised products, WildSide Pet products has continued to use human grade, WILD SALMON. Producing products of this quality is not cheap and the results speak for themselves. We’ve managed to streamline our process and keep our overhead low to provide our customers with a product that is head and shoulders above the rest, at a price that’s fair.

Thank-you for your interest in superior nutrition for all your pets. They’ll love you for it!

Rich & Debbie


WildSide Kangaroo Treats

That’s right! We’ve had a long standing partnership with a superior quality pet food plant in New Zealand to custom make these tasty little morsels for us.

Wild Kangaroo from Australia is transported to New Zealand where it is blended with sweet potato and Fuji Apples then gently air dried to a crunchy treat that dogs love. Great for dogs that have food allergies or need new and novel proteins. Perfect for training or for everyday use as a “Good Dog” treat.

They come in 6oz. zip seal pouches with a viewing window. GRAIN FREE. MADE IN NEW ZEALAND 

Ingredients: Wild Kangaroo, Sweet Potato, Canola Oil, Apple, natural mixed tocopherols, citric acid, Rosemary extract.